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Puck-Stat League Manager Quick Start

Once you register for Puck Stat League Manager free hockey stats, it is almost ready to go right away. During registration, you will have supplied your hockey league name as well as other important information to set up your account.

As a quick start, we suggests that you follow the steps as outlined below:

  1. League Information
  2. Teams Information
  3. Login Details for Stats Keeper
  4. Login Details for Players/Parents/Fans
  5. Add Roster
  6. Add Schedule

League Information

Congratulations, Step 1 is already done! When you registered for Puck-Stat League Manager you supplied the necessary information and your account is already set up and ready to use. Remember that The League Administrator has control over the entire league including all teams, rosters, and schedules. The League Administrator is also responsible for the entry of all game stats and results.

Login Details for Stats Keeper

The login used when the account was created will be the login for the duration of the account. Multiple users can use the administrative login simultaneously, however, we recommend having only one person with account access and the ability to add/edit stats and results. The league admin, or league stats keeper, will require the email and password used when the account was created.

Teams Information

To add teams to the league, all you need is the Team name. When you enter the team, they are automatically added to your league.


Simply Choose Manage Teams - Manage Rosters and then select the option to add players to the roster. Players should be added to the roster at the start of the season, although they can be added/edited/deleted at any time.

Login Details for Players/Parents/Fans

Stats reports, both scoring and goaltending, are public reports. You do not need to be logged in to view the stats. Begin at the League Manager home page (www.puck-stat.com/free-hockey-league-stats.php and select a League, then select a report to view.


All teams that have been entered in the league are available as drop downs in the schedule management. As each scheduled game is added, it is immediately available for all to view.

More Help

Additional detailed help information is available: Puck-Stat League Manager Help

Puck-Stat Custom Versions

Puck-Stat is available in custom versions and can be imported into your own website. Custom versions do not have advertising displayed alongside the hockey stats and can be branded to your team or school. If you would like more information, just send an email to coach@puck-stat.com and we can get started.

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